6 SEO Trends Every Writer Should Try

Whether you are a newbie writer or a veteran writer, it’s important to always keep up with SEO trends. These SEO trends can be a major game changer for your content and business. But what are some of the best ones you should try in 2023? Better yet, what are going to be the upcoming trends for 2024? While the world of SEO is constantly changing, one thing is for certain; brands need to keep up! So how can you keep up with the ever-changing world of SEO? Well, keep reading on to find out what they are!

Long-form content attracts more traffic

One thing that every content creator has to do is create longer-form content. While yes, this can be somewhat tedious, this is “where the money’s at.” So this means that you’ll need to focus more on long-form traffic because this is where more engagement will come from. When someone is looking for something online, they’re probably wanting something very detailed, maybe a tutorial or a series of questions that need to be answered. 

Since it’s so specific, this is going to be what ranks. Google doesn’t like fluff or even someone that’s been oversaid and overdone. Just think about it, there isn’t any true value when everyone regurgitates the same thing repeatedly. You’re going to want to focus on a deep-dive, something that’s going to want to make others want to reference and even site your website.

This can then create backlinks for your website, which is a gift that keeps giving. In general, long-form content means you’re providing value, and when you’re providing value, you’re going to be referenced. So, when you’re being referenced, you’re going to be seen as an authority in your niche. When you’re an authority within your niche, you’re going to gain more trust.

Featured snippets

This is actually more challenging to do, but if you’re able to pull off this SEO trend, then you can count on major rewards. But be warned, your website needs to be extremely SEO-friendly, especially above your competitors. So, have you ever googled something, and in the search results, some images came up with an article next to it, maybe a quote from a video on the top result, or even an FAQ snippet from a web page? 

Well, these are all featured snippets. The whole goal for search engines, especially Google, is to give out the most helpful answers. While yes, this can be a disadvantage as it can mean some readers won’t go to your website, this will at least have the end result of your website being featured, which can help get in more clicks.


Step aside written content; it’s all about videos! While videos may seem far from being SEO friendly, especially when it comes to your website, it’s honestly further from the case! The first 10 seconds of a video can actually be pretty crucial. You want viewers to know what they're getting into before they even start watching. It doesn’t seem like it would be SEO-friendly, but this actually is!  Plus, why not take it up a notch by ensuring you have a video description, hashtags, and maybe even subtitles to go along with it? Videos and SEO do go together hand-in-hand, don’t forget it!

Internal links

Going a little old school here, this is an SEO trend that will never go out of style, how could it? If you’re wanting to make sure you do one SEO-related strategy that isn’t going to go wrong then internal linking should be your answer. You simply can’t go wrong with this because you’re basically giving credit to yourself. 

Plus, this is a perfect UX strategy too because you’re keeping your reader on your website longer. So, how can this help, well it’s more about proving to search engines that you have a good website and it’s reliable. So, the longer readers are on there clicking through your links, the more reliable (and insightful) it proves to be for your website.


As mentioned earlier, long-form content is king because of all the potential backlinks you could get from it. So another good way to improve your SEO would be backlinking. This is really all about creating relationships with other websites (brands or businesses) as well as your audience. What this signals to search engines such as Google is how credible your website is. So if you think about it, the more credible it is, the more backlinks you’ll get. What this will do is help you rank even higher.

Posted on August 22, 2023 by Tyler

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